What is in the notebook that sandy mcsouthers is filling out ?

Sandy McSouthers is the doorman at Sunset Towers. He’s presented as one of Sam Westing’s 16 potential heirs, though he is secretly an alias of Westing.

Also, why is Sandy McSouthers dead? According to Doctor Sikes — the Westing county coroner — Alexander ”SandyMcSouthers died from a heart attack.

Best answer for this question, who Wins The Westing Game? Several years after that, Turtle stays with Sandy/Westing (as Eastman) while he really dies. She finally wins the prize and goes to play chess with her niece Alice.

You asked, what happened in chapter 14 of The Westing Game? Back at Sunset Towers, Sandy refuses a tip from Judge Ford for polishing her car, because she gave him the whole $10,000. She asks him about his family. Sandy describes his family and explains he was injured from being a boxer.

Also the question is, how old is Sandy McSouthers in The Westing Game? Alexander “SandyMcSouthers was a 65-year-old doorman but is also Sam Westing, Barney Northup, Julian R. Eastman, and Windy Windkloppel (as discovered at the end of the story).


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Who is the bomber in The Westing Game?

Angela Wexler is the bomber in The Westing Game. She sets off a series of bombs to vent her frustration over her upcoming marriage.

Why is Dr Deere taking Chris to the hospital?

Denton Deere is taking Chris to the hospital because he knows a doctor that knows how to treat the disease that Chris has. Chris is excited to go to the hospital and get fixed.

Who does Sam Westing disguise himself as?

Even though we don’t really meet Sam Westing as “Sam Westing” during the course of the book, we do meet several versions of him in the disguises he uses. His four identities correspond to the four cardinal directions: Barney Northrup, Julian Eastman, Sandy McSouthers, and Sam Westing.

Who does Judge Ford think Mrs Westing is in Chapter 22?

The judge realizes that the only possible player who could be Mrs. Westing is Crow. Chris shows the judge a flock of geese flying, which makes her drop her papers. When she picks them up, she realizes that the wax figure looked like a picture of Westing from fifteen years ago, so no one knows what he looks like now.

Is Turtle The bomber in The Westing Game?

At dinner in the Chinese restaurant, Turtle keeps listening to the stock market, until the second bomb goes off. Turtle and Flora buy stock based on their clues. At the third, bridal shower bombing, Turtle realizes Angela is the bomber.

Who does sydelle think the bomber is?

Sydelle thinks the bomber was Angela Wexler.

Does The Westing Game have a movie?

Get a Clue is a 1997 film based on the Newbery Medal-winning book The Westing Game.

What happens in Chapter 13 of The Westing Game?

Turtle tells her father she knows about him being a bookie. Sydelle asks Chris if he is totally paralyzed, which nobody ever does, and says he has a great alibi. She gets up to talk to the chef, and Angela gets up to help. Otis comes in, which means Sunset Towers is no longer snowed in, and the second bomb goes off.

What happened in chapter 15 of The Westing Game?

Doug says there was a mysterious person in the parking lot wearing red boots (Turtle’s), calls her “Tabitha-Ruth,” and pulls her hair before running inside. Sandy keeps her from going after him and kicking him. Otis leaves, after saying Westing wasn’t murdered, just crazy—that none of them are murderers.

What happened in chapter 18 of The Westing Game?

Flora and Turtle have settled into a routine each day: Flora braids Turtle’s hair while Turtle reads The Wall Street Journal. One morning, Turtle announces that the newly elected chairman of the Westing Paper Products board, Julian R. Eastman, has predicted that the company’s earnings will double in the next quarter.

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How old is JJ Ford in The Westing Game?

This was the lowest court she had ever presided at: a thirteen-year-old lawyer, a court stenographer who records in Polish, and the judge in African robes. Oh well, she had played Sam Westing’s game, now she would play Turtle’s game.

What is Turtle’s real name in The Westing Game?

Turtle’s real name is Tabitha-Ruth, but she tells her partner Flora Baumbach that her name is Alice because she hates being called Tabitha Ruth….

What was special about JJ Ford?

A reserved yet proud black woman, Ford has battled racism, prejudice, and discrimination to get to the point she’s at in her career—as such, she’s often defensive, detached, and purposefully suspicious of those around her.

Why does Theo borrow turtle’s bike?

Why does Theo want Turtle’s bike? He wanted to follow Otis Amber.

Who created the fireworks bomb in The Westing Game?

The first bomb goes off in the kitchen of the Theodorakis family’s coffee shop, the second goes off in the kitchen of Hoo’s restaurant, and the third goes off in the Wexlers’ apartment during Angela’s bridal shower. It’s eventually revealed that Angela herself is the one who set these off.

What did turtle say Westing’s body looked like?

When Turtle says Mr. Westing’s body looked more like a wax figure than a dead body, the judge gets excited. Turtle also realizes that maybe there wasn’t really a dead body. Turtle asks for a little bourbon to put on her toothache, and the judge sends her home.

Who is Berthe Erica Crow related to?

Eventually, it is revealed that Berthe Erica Crow is the mysterious Mrs. Westing—Sam Westing’s wife who left him after the death of their beloved daughter, Violet.

How is Denton Deere related to Sam Westing?

Denton Deere is Angela’s fiancé and an intern in plastic surgery at the local hospital. He’s one of Sam Westing’s 16 potential heirs. A smarmy, pompous, and self-important man, Deere is constantly diagnosing the conditions of others and offering unsolicited (and incorrect or impractical) medical advice.

Why does Crow think James Hoo is the bomber?

Otis makes a delivery to the apartment and tells Crow he thinks Mr. Hoo might be the bomber, because his restaurant competes with the coffee shop. He could have diverted attention by bombing his restaurant, and he catered the wedding shower.

How do you think Westing died?

No one killed Sam Westing. He used a dummy to fake his death so that he could draw his scattered nieces and nephews back together.

What is Barney Northrup in The Westing Game?

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Barney Northrup is a salesman charged with renting the six available apartments in the newly-constructed Sunset Towers on Lake Michigan—and an alias of Sam Westing. Barney Northrup wears a disguise—a bad wig and buck-toothed dentures—in order to throw the Westing heirs off his trail.

How much money did turtle win in The Westing Game?

Turtle and her partner, Flora, receive 10,000 dollars at the beginning of the game. They put this money into various stocks and end up with 11,587.50… See full answer below.

How does Turtle feel about her haircut?

Did Turtle like her hair cut? Explain. Yes, she thought the short, sleek haircut was adorable.

Why does J.J. Ford call the newspaper in The Westing Game?

Why does J.J. Ford call the newspaper? She wants to find out more information on the other people playing the game.

Why did Judge Ford believe that Sam Westing might still be alive who did she think was in danger from him?

Why did Judge Ford believe that Sam Westing might be alive? J.J Ford belives that Westing is still alive because Turtle told her thar Westing looked like a wax dummy. Ford thinks that the former Mrs. Westing is in danger from Mr.

What happened to Rosalie in The Westing Game?

Rosalie Baumbach died from pneumonia at nineteen-years-old.

Why do the police think that turtle planted the bomb in the elevator?

Why do the police think that Turtle planted the bomb in the elevator? B. Turtle did that on purpose so they don’t suspect Angela to be the murderer. Probable did it intentionally.

What does sydelle discover at the end of the chapter?

Turtle tells her it was a stupid thing to do, and Sydelle realizes that Angela was the bomber.

What confusion arises about turtle real name?

What confusion arises about Turtle’s real name? Can you explain a possible reason for this? Turtle told Flora that her name was Alice but Grace is telling Flora that her actual name is Tabithia Ruth.

Where was the third bomb hidden in The Westing Game?

Later, a third bomb goes off at Angela’s wedding shower, making a deep cut in her cheek and sending her to the hospital. Turtle figures out that Angela set the bombs herself. As Judge Ford and Sandy keep studying their notes, they see a possible connection between Grace, who claims to be Westing’s niece, and Crow.

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