Death note 28 why did they give mello the notebook ?

Unbeknownst to them, the notebook‘s missile ended up near New York, and Mello’s agents there retrieved it in the Hudson Bay. The notebook was then covertly sent to Mello’s HQ in Los Angeles, and with it, Mello killed off most of his untrustworthy fellows and Near’s SPK agents.

Similarly, why did Rem give Misa the notebook? Plot. Gelus, a Shinigami, fell in love with Misa Amane and used his Death Note to kill the man who was destined to kill her. Gelus died as a result, leaving only his Death Note behind. The notebook was repossessed by Rem, who took it to the human world and gave it to Misa, whom Rem believed was supposed to have it.

You asked, did Melo ever use the Death Note? Near the end of the series, Takada is kidnapped by Mello in an attempt to catch Kira. He locks her in a truck and brings her to an abandoned building. She later kills him, using a piece of the death note that she kept on her.

Quick Answer, which Death Note was given to Mello? Soichiro Yagami later trades the Death Note to the Mafia after the kidnapping of Sayu Yagami. The Death Note was given to Jack Neylon by Mello, and although Mello holds the Death Note quite often and considers it his property, he never technically gains ownership of it.

Moreover, how did Mello get his scar? In order to escape, Mello detonates remote-controlled explosives, after one of his Mafia accomplices fatally wounds Soichiro. Mello is left with a scar on his face, and the failure of his Mafia scheme leaves his real name in Light’s hands.

Why did Mello kidnap SAYU?

1 When Mello Kidnapped Sayu As A Bargaining Chip Once Mello tested the waters with director Takimura’s capture, he had his men kidnap Sayu Yagami and sent his demands to the NPA. Mello would only release Sayu once the Death Note was in his hands.

What was Light’s plan?

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After Rem had left, Light revealed to Ryuk the details of his plan: He would persuade L to imprison him and keep him under 24-hour surveillance. He would then renounce ownership of the Death Note and, like Misa, lose all memory of it, Ryuk and Rem.

Why didn’t Misa get her memories back?

Rem finds Misa in trouble and wants her to know that Rem would support her so she makes Misa touch a snipped of the rulebook – that is accompanied by Rem but never was owned by Misa so Misa gets the ability to see Rem but does not regain her memories.

Is Rem a female Shinigami?

In the manga and anime, Rem tells Misa that she is a female Shinigami. In Death Note: The Last Name, this is not mentioned, leaving her gender ambiguous.

Is Mello a boy?

Mello is a young man with chin-length golden-blond hair and blue eyes.

Is Mello a criminal?

Profession… international criminal. Mello was 14 when he ran away from Wammy’s House, but he’s obviously done well for himself. Now 19, he works with mafia leaders in the U.S., offering his resources in exchange for using Rod Ross’s power to catch Kira.

Did Mello and Near work together?

However, L died before he decided who would take his name. Due to Mello not liking Near, he refused the offer of the two of them working together and Near became L’s successor. Though Mello ended up playing a big part in defeating Kira, Near was the one that would avenge their predecessor.

Is Mello smarter than light?

Apart from L, Near is easily the next-smartest character in the series, smarter even than his partner, Mello. The reason being is that Near is the one who actually manages to survive. … That said, Mello takes over as the new L and manages to outsmart Light and figure out his identity as Kira.

How old is Mello at the end of Death Note?

His birthday is December 13, 1989 (1992 in the anime) and he dies on January 27, 2010 (2013 in the anime). He is 171 centimeters tall (5′ 7”), weighs 47 kilograms (104 pounds) and his blood type is A. He can usually be seen wearing leather clothes and a rosary.

Is Near L’s son?

Near (ニア, Nia) is the younger of L’s two successors, raised in Wammy’s House—Watari’s orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England. After L’s death, Near begins his investigation of the Kira case, gathering evidence over a period of four years.

What is Mellos real name?

Soichiro Yagami views Mello’s real name, Mihael Keehl, and lifespan.

Are Near and Mello friends?

Mello (メロ, Mero), real name Mihael Keehl (ミハエル・ケール, Mihaeru Kēru), is Near’s rival. He is the eldest of L’s two successors, raised at Wammy’s House—Watari’s orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England, he is also Matt’s friend who is the 3rd successor.

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What did Mello do Takada?

However, Mello, with Matt, decided to kidnap Takada that made the real Death Note location revealed. Before that, Mello’s movements are unknown since the story focus on Takada and Mikami investigation.

What happened to SAYU Yagami when she was kidnapped?

Shoko Himura abducts Sayu and conducts a trade with the Task Force for the Death Note. It is later revealed that Near/Mello is actually behind her abduction. Sayu survives the series, and she presumably stays with a female family member who is possibly an aunt.

Why did l kidnap Misa?

Chapter 33 of the manga, “Removal,” was censored in the magazine release due to Misa being blindfolded and tied up. Having evidence that she was the Second Kira, L kidnapped her and held her as his hostage in order to try to find out information about Kira.

Does light get his Death Note back?

Inspecting Higuchi’s Death Note, team members who touch it abruptly discover that shinigami do exist, and when Light takes the Death Note from L, his memory returns.

Why did light switch the death notes?

Light Yagami shuffles the death notes between himself, Rem, and Ryuk so that when he and Misa regain their death notes and their memories they will have swapped shinigami, leaving himself with Rem and Misa with Ryuk, so he can have Rem with him in the investigation room so Rem will discover that Misa is in danger and …

Why did light wipe his memory?

Because the actions of Misa Amane, a fervent Kira supporter and fellow Death Note owner, nearly implicates Light, he becomes compelled to temporarily relinquish ownership of his notebook and subsequently loses his memories of using the Death Note.

Does light become a Shinigami?

TL;DR: Light has to be a Shinigami because of the similarities between his character and the Unnamed Shinigami in the Director’s Cut of Death Note. Becoming a God would be the ultimate punishment for Light because it removes all of the things Light sought out by using the Death Note like fame and power.

Does Misa get her Death Note back?

Ten years have passed since Light died. Misa continues her work as an actress while her activities are secretly supervised by police officers. She regains her memories after cyber-terrorist Yuki Shien gives her a Death Note.

How does light become Kira again?

After relinquishing the notebook and losing his memories to temporarily avoid suspicion, Light demonstrates compassion, a reluctance to manipulate others and an intense unwillingness to kill. Once his memories return, however, he reverts back to his ruthless Kira persona and remains that way until his death.

Is Near smarter than L?

Apart from L, Near is easily the smartest character in the series – smarter even than his partner, Mello. Near managed to make it to the very end, but he probably wouldn’t have caught Light or made it as far as he did without the help of L and Mello.

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Where did Ryuk go?

He had expected Light might have thought of some way out of his situation, but seeing as he is desperate enough to go to Ryuk for help, Ryuk decides it is all over for him. Ryuk returns to the Shinigami Realm after killing Light.

Who is better Rem or Ryuk?

While Rem was much kinder to Misa than Ryuk was to Light, Ryuk was a better Shinigami and honored the code much more, despite still being a bit of an outlaw among Shinigami.

Is Mello a villain?

Type of Villain Mello (real name: Mihael Keehl) is one of the two successors of L and the secondary antagonist during the second half of Death Note. Although not truly evil, his methods of capturing Kira are downright insane and ruthless, to the point where he even kills innocent people.

Is Mello German?

If Mello is Catholic, he is more likely Slovenian rather than Serbian. The dominant religion in Serbia is orthodox and Mello is not orthodox – their crucifixes look differently. But the dominant religion in Slovenia is Roman Catholicism and they also use the name Mihael and last name Keehl.

Who is L’s father?

Soichiro Yagami | Death Note Wiki | Fandom.

How did Near figure out the notebook was fake?

According to his investigations, Stephen Gevanni noticed that Mikami would always go to the bank on the 25th. However, when Takada was kidnapped, he again went to the bank on the 26th, which was unusual behavior for Mikami. It was then Near finally realized about the fake notebook.

How did Near know the notebook was fake?

Building on this. The kiyomi explanantion followed when Light was confused why Near and others were alive. Near proved conclusively Light is Kira by showing everyone how Mikam wrote everyone’s but Light’s name in the notebook. Since Light’s name was not written, logically it follows that he is Kira.

Who is better Mello or Near?

Mello is certainly more villainous than Near, and we don’t like how he captured the innocent Sayu Yagami and used her as a hostage. Still, Mello isn’t entirely evil; he’s just human. He’s a smart guy who couldn’t stand Near one-upping him so often, and he fled the orphanage to find his own path.

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