Best answer: Creative ideas on how to fill a mini notebook ?

  1. Love Notes. When say, love notes, I don’t mean the ones from your partner (though you could definitely do that!).
  2. Favorite Quotes.
  3. Book Reviews.
  4. Write Down Your Dreams.
  5. Lists.
  6. Sketchbook.
  7. Gratitude Journal.
  8. Life Lessons.

Subsequently, what can I put in a mini notebook?

  1. Inspirational quotes.
  2. Song lyrics.
  3. Favorite memories.
  4. Notes of encouragement for tough days.

You asked, what can you do with an empty small notebook? Daily Events. Some people prefer to keep a personal record of their daily activities, and a blank notebook is perfect for just that. Write down a few sentences about what you do each day – who you saw, what you ate, what you worked on, etc. Over time, you can see some patterns of your life and gain some great insights!

Also, how do I fill an empty notebook?

  1. Love Notes. When say, love notes, I don’t mean the ones from your partner (though you could definitely do that!).
  2. Favorite Quotes.
  3. Book Reviews.
  4. Write Down Your Dreams.
  5. Lists.
  6. Sketchbook.
  7. Gratitude Journal.
  8. Life Lessons.

In this regard, how do you fill out a diary?

  1. Make a list.
  2. Make it colorful.
  3. Fill it with your favorite lyrics or quotes.
  4. Sketch a scene from real life.
  5. Make a mind map.
  6. Write a letter to someone.
  7. Fill your page with a single shape.
  8. Make a collage with the daily newspaper.

What do you do in a diary?

  1. Your Daily Three. Keep a note of three good things you’ve experienced that day, even if they’re small or silly.
  2. Draw Your Day.
  3. Late-Night Wish Lists.
  4. Inspirational Thoughts.
  5. Garden Planner.
  6. Keep Track of Birthdays.
  7. A Flick-Book Adventure.
  8. Track Seasonal Sales.

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What can I use my notebook for?

  1. Recipes & Meal Plans. I remember my days as a young mom when I spent hours on weekly meal planning.
  2. Prayers.
  3. Things you are Grateful For.
  4. Notebook for Shopping Lists and Budgeting.
  5. Notebook for Tracking Goals.
  6. As a Travel Journal.
  7. A Brain Dump.
  8. Daily Lists.

How do you decorate a notebook?

To decorate your own notebook, all you need are craft materials, a little time, and creativity! Make a cover with paper, paint, or fabric or create a collage on the front with stickers and pictures. You can embellish the notebook with anything that inspires you, from glitter to buttons.

What is a junk Journal?

A Junk Journal is a handmade book of recycled and found materials and ephemera. The pages can be used to write, draw, paint or record memories, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. The finished junk journal can become anything you want.

What is bullet Journal?

Instead of blank, lined pages, a bullet journal (or BuJo, for short) contains sections to log daily to-dos, keep a monthly or weekly calendar, jot down notes, track both physiological and mental health, and record both short- and long-term goals.

How do you make a diary creative?

  1. Things you do each day.
  2. Problems you faced in a day.
  3. Your crush.
  4. Fights with your family or friends.
  5. Things you were thankful for that day.
  6. Things you’re looking forward to.

Where can I hide my diary?

Some good places to hide a diary are: In the freezer, attic, or under your pillow, at the back of a closet, between books in a bookcase, or deep in your sock drawer. If you want the digital route, you can make a journal online.

What do you write when your bored?

  1. Write about a movie you just saw.
  2. Think about somewhere you’d like to travel to and write a story about it.
  3. Write about the first thing you see when you look out your window.
  4. Try to remember your earliest childhood memory.
  5. Remember a time you felt really embarrassed.

How do you decorate aesthetic books?

How do you make an aesthetic diary?

  1. Make Use of Pastels.
  2. Make Use of Gradients.
  3. Try Adding Some Pastel Photos.
  4. Add Cute Stickers.
  5. Try Brush Lettering.
  6. Make Use of Highlighters.
  7. Try Theming.
  8. Add Washi Tape.

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How do you decorate aesthetic journals?

How do I fill up my notebook?

How do you use a mini laptop?

What should a girl write in her diary?

  1. Your Travel Goals.
  2. Details About The Person You’ve Been Crushing On.
  3. Aspirations And Hopes You Have For The Future.
  4. A List Of Things You’re Grateful For.
  5. A Rant About Your Bad Day.
  6. A Dream Plan You Want To Make Reality.
  7. Your Horoscope For The Day.

How do you make a journal fun?

  1. Make Life (and Your Journal) More Colorful.
  2. Summarize, Summarize, Summarize!
  3. Word of the Day.
  4. Journals are for Sharing.
  5. Journaling Has No Rules.
  6. Get in Tune with Your Senses.
  7. Step Away from the Page.

How do I start my notebook?

  1. Write out your favourite poem.
  2. Use it as an inspiring quotes page.
  3. Start with personal trivia.
  4. Write a letter to your future self to return to when you finish the notebook.
  5. Use it as a doodle page.
  6. Start a habits tracker.
  7. Create a life list.

How can I decorate my personal diary?

  1. If you don’t want to draw, you can always use colorful stickers instead!
  2. This is great for calendars.
  3. Another idea is to glue items inside your diary that have something to do with the entry, such as maps, postcards, ticket stubs, and postage stamps!

How do you make a smash book?

What do you do with ephemera?

Definition of Ephemera Think show tickets, ticket stubs, playing cards, postcards and more. Ephemera is almost always paper-based and is often written or printed items that were expected to have short term popularity or usefulness. Ephemera is not normally considered something to collect, save, cherish or keep.

What is an art journal?

An art journal is the same as a written journal, except that it incorporates colors, images, patterns, and other materials. Some art journals have a lot of writing, while others are purely filled with images. It’s a form of creative self-care.

What do I journal about?

  1. The Day to Day Happenings of your Life.
  2. Thoughts and Feelings.
  3. Quotes Journal.
  4. Things you Need to Get Done. Bullet Journal Task List. I love being organised!
  5. Your Hopes and Dreams / Vision Board. Vision Board.
  6. A Gratitude Log.
  7. Reasons to be Proud of Yourself.
  8. Travel Journal.

How do you make a 2022 bullet journal?

Is bullet journaling a hobby?

It’s a customizable hobby. The best thing about bullet journaling is that you can tailor it to fit your needs. One popular way that people customize their bujo is by creating habit trackers.

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What should be in a daily journal?

  1. Write down your goals every day.
  2. Keep a daily log.
  3. Journal three things you’re grateful for every day.
  4. Journal your problems.
  5. Journal your stresses.
  6. Journal your answer to “What’s the best thing that happened today?” every night before bed.

How can a child write a diary?

  1. Explain the importance of writing a diary to your child.
  2. Make your child read famous diary entries.
  3. Gift your child a nice-looking diary or a notebook to get started.
  4. Decide what the diary entries will be about.
  5. Encourage free and fearless writing.

How do you hide a notebook?

One great place to hide your diary is in your dresser behind the drawers or next to them. If you pull out a drawer, theres usually a little ledge you can fit your diary. Another great hiding spot is putting your diary on the inside of a picture frame hanging on the wall if theres space in the back.

How can I hide my diary at school?

  1. Hide it behind some old, dusty books in the bookcase.
  2. Cover the diary with school book labels.
  3. Put decorative cushions on your bed and hide it in one of the cushion cases.
  4. Fill a shoe box with random knick knacks and put your diary at the bottom.

Is having a diary a good thing?

Keeping a diary has many benefits. These include improving your mental health, as a result of giving you a place to vent your feelings, and an ability to process difficult experiences.

How can I write for fun?

  1. Write with the help of a writing prompt.
  2. Illustrate your writing.
  3. Tell a story.
  4. Write, write, write.
  5. Write about something new.
  6. Get inspired by others.
  7. Re-write previous works.
  8. Write about what you enjoy.

What are 10 things to write about?

  1. 1 Get inspired by a song.
  2. 2 Reinvent a childhood memory.
  3. 3 Write about a person you see every day but don’t really know.
  4. 4 If your pet were a person . . .
  5. 5 Write about what you wanted to be when you grew up.
  6. 6 Grab a writing prompt to go.

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