Audio on light on hp notebook fails when windows updates ?

Why is there no sound after Windows 10 update? It’s likely that the new update causes conflicts with the sound card in your computer, or the update includes incompatible components with your sound card driver. Even the audio settings that are changed by the update can result in the issue.

In this regard, why did my audio stop working on my HP laptop? HP laptop sound not working issue can be caused by the driver corruption, so you can uninstall the existed sound driver in your laptop and reinstall a new driver for your sound device. 1) Open Device Manager in your laptop. 2) Double click Sound, video and game controllers to expand it.

Likewise, why is my HP laptop mute light not working? Expand Sound, video and game controllers. Right-click and update the driver (automatic method) Reboot. If that doesn’t work, right-click and uninstall your computer’s existing audio driver.

Correspondingly, how do I fix the sound on Windows 10 after update?

  1. Check your cables and volume.
  2. Verify that the current audio device is the system default.
  3. Restart your PC after an update.
  4. Try a System Restore.
  5. Run the Windows 10 Audio Troubleshooter.
  6. Update your audio driver.
  7. Uninstall and reinstall your audio driver.

People ask also, why my laptop audio is not working? Restart or change your audio device The reason there is no sound on your computer could be that it needs a simple restart. Keep trying different audio devices and see which one provides your computer with sound. It may be that Windows 10 is directing audio to the wrong output device.


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Why can’t I hear anything after updating drivers?

· Reinstall or roll back audio drivers Sometimes, the no sound issue is caused by incompatible drivers, may because the audio drivers are not properly or completely installed while updating. So, this time, the best possible way is to reinstall the audio driver on your PC.

How do I update my audio drivers Windows 10?

Select the arrow next to Sound, video and game controllers to expand it. Right-click the listing for your sound card or audio device, such as headphones or speakers, select Update driver, then select Search automatically for updated driver software. Follow the instructions to complete the update.

How do I reinstall my audio driver on my HP laptop?

How do you fix No audio output device is installed Windows 10 hp?

Double-click Sound, video and game controllers. Right-click the audio device, and then select Update Driver. Click Search automatically for updated driver software to check for and install a driver. If an updated driver installs, restart the computer if prompted, and then test for sound.

What do you do if your mute button is not working?

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Expand Sound, video and game controllers.
  3. Right-click and uninstall your computer’s existing audio driver.
  4. Download/install realtek audio driver from here:

What do you do if your mute button doesn’t work?

  1. Turn on Assistive Touch.
  2. Tap on the Assistive Touch button.
  3. Sync Tones with iPhone.
  4. Set Silent Ringtone on iPhone.
  5. Turn Airplane Mode on to Silent iPhone.
  6. Enable Text Tone to None.
  7. Tap on System Repair.
  8. Choose iPhone Problems and Start Now.

How do I take my HP laptop off mute?

Click the “Speaker” icon at the lower-right corner of the taskbar next to the “Time” indicator to open the volume control. Click on the “Mute” button in the lower-left corner to turn the sound back on.

How do I enable Windows audio Service?

  1. Open the “Start” menu from your desktop and click “Control Panel.” Select “Administrative Tools” and choose “Services” from the menu.
  2. Scroll through the list and double-click “Windows Audio.”
  3. Click the “Start” button to enable Windows Audio.

How do I restart Windows audio Service?

  1. In Windows 10, right-click the Windows icon and select Run. Type services.
  2. Scroll down to Windows Audio and double-click to open menu.
  3. If the service has been stopped for any reason, the system audio will not function correctly.
  4. Double-check the service start-up type.
  5. Click Apply.

How do I fix audio service is not responding?

  1. Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. This is going to bring up the Run utility.
  2. Type in services.
  3. Right-click on the Windows Audio service and choose Properties.
  4. Set the Startup type to Automatic.
  5. Repeat the same steps for the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service.

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Why does my laptop say there is no audio output device installed?

The main reason you are seeing the “No Audio Output Device is installed” error in Windows 10 and having a sound issue is due to outdated, corrupt, broken (that could have been caused by a Windows update) or missing sound drivers.

How do I fix no audio device Windows 10?

  1. Restart system.
  2. Run Audio Troubleshooter.
  3. Update outdated audio drivers.
  4. Disconnect and reconnect external output device.
  5. Update Windows.
  6. Use add legacy hardware option.
  7. Uninstall audio driver.
  8. Check hardware issues.

How do I fix Realtek on Windows 10?

  1. Find Your Realtek Driver in Device Manager. Open the Device Manager and go to your Sound, Video and Game Controllers.
  2. Manually Rollback to Previous Versions. With the driver information up, click the Driver tab at the top of the menu.
  3. Restart Your PC Again.

How do I manually update my audio drivers?

  1. In the search box on the taskbar, enter device manager, then select Device Manager.
  2. Select a category to see names of devices, then right-click (or press and hold) the one you’d like to update.
  3. Select Search automatically for updated driver software.
  4. Select Update Driver.

How do you tell if my audio drivers are up to date?

Click on the Start button in the lower left and choose Settings. Next, click on Windows Update & Security. You can check for updates here. If any audio drivers are found, they will be installed automatically.

How do I install an audio output device on my laptop Windows 10?

  1. Open Start Menu.
  2. Type Device Manager and Open it.
  3. Double-Click on the category “Audio inputs and outputs”.
  4. Right click on your audio output driver and select “Update Driver”.
  5. Next select “Browse my computer for drivers”

Why is the F6 light on?

MacBooks made after 2007 and MacBook Pros made after 2008 use the “F6” key to increase the backlit keyboard’s brightness level, if the computer is equipped with a backlit keyboard. Holding the “Option” button while pressing “F6” opens the computer’s keyboard preferences window.

How do I unmute my F6?

Question: Q: f6 key on is muted how do i un mute it If you’re asking about setting the brightness, go to Sys Prefs > Displays > uncheck the box for Auto adjust, and use the slider to adjust the display to where you want it. Hi a, To unmute the volume mute, go to System Preferences > Sound and uncheck the box for Mute.

How do I turn off the mute on my Lenovo laptop?

Why is my laptop mute button not working?

Corrupted/outdated drivers or hardware issue may be the possible reason why your mute button is not working properly.

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How do I turn on the mute button on my laptop?

Solution. In Windows, click the sound icon (looks like a speaker) in the Windows Notification Area of the Taskbar. In the small window that appears, check the Mute box or click the sound icon below or next to the volume to mute the sound.

What do you do when your ringer button breaks?

How do I turn the sound on my HP laptop?

Click Settings, Advanced tab, then click Sound. Click the Sounds tab. Under System Sounds, select the event for which you wish to hear the sound. Select a sound from the list, and click the Play button located at the right of the event.

Where is my mute button?

If you have an Android phone, you can mute your phone from the call screen. Your call screen has different buttons including a mute button (circled below). It is a microphone with a slash line through it. Please click on this button to mute and unmute your hone.

Why can’t i unmute my laptop?

Right click on the speaker icon at the bottom right of your screen, and then hit ‘Open volume mixer’. If there is a little red circle over the speaker icons, click on it to unmute your sound. While you’re doing this, double check that all your cables, plugs, speaker and headphone connections are all firmly in place.

Why is my Windows audio Service is not enabled?

This problem is probably the improper status of the Windows audio service and any other of its dependencies. Correcting the status can solve your problem. To modify the audio related services settings: On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to invoke the Run box.

How do I start Windows audio service on local computer?

  1. Type Services in Windows search and press Enter.
  2. Scroll down to Windows Audio and double-click it.
  3. In the new window, select the Log On tab.
  4. Mark the Local account option and then enable the Allow service to interact with desktop option.
  5. Click Apply and OK.

How do I restart my audio device?

Double-click “Sound, Video and Game Controllers.” Right-click the sound driver and click “Enable” to restart the device.

How do I get the sound back on my laptop?

How do I restart HP audio service?

In Windows, search for and open Device Manager. Double-click Sound, video and game controllers. If a sound device is listed with a down arrow , the device is disabled. Right-click the sound device name and select Enable to re-enable the device.

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