Bought notebook with window 8 ?

Select the right license key for your Windows edition. Run command prompt in admin mode. Use command “slmgr /ipk your_key” to install a license key. Use command “slmgr /skms” to connect to my KMS server. Activate your Windows using the command “slmgr /ato”. Similarly, how do I get Windows original? To make your copy […]

Brand new hewlitt packard notebook laptop keeps crashing, why ?

An overheating computer is the most common cause of random crashes. If your PC or laptop is not experiencing sufficient airflow, the hardware will become too hot and will fail to function properly, resulting in a crash. Every computer is sold with a fitted fan designed to counter the heat the machine generates. Also know, […]

Quick Answer: Brand new hp notebook skips when connected to tv through hdmi ?

Or the HDMI cable has failed or been damaged. The most common course for a problem is a bad connection between the HDMI cable and the device. This is common if you are plugging and unplugging the cable regularly. Correspondingly, how do I fix my HDMI port on my HP laptop? Moreover, why won’t my […]